"Music from Within"

Taiko Drummers
are a collection of professional and established Japanese musicians and performers in London. We play a selection of authentic instruments in both a traditional and contemporary style. Established in April 2011. 

is the combination of 5 Japanese musicians living in The UK and Italy. The group’s name, “NeM”, holds the meaning of the sound of Japanese instruments dancing through peoples’ minds throughout the world, and they have been attracting attention since starting activity earlier in 2014. Through solo activities and collaboration across Europe, these five people who have trained strong musical abilities have produced a wide repertoire, both original music and arrangement of local music with the motifs of Japanese traditional music and folk songs. Traditional folk-songs from all round the world and different countries’ nostalgic sounds. Please enjoy the performance of this unique interweaving of Japanese and Western music by NeM.
Vocal,Sanshin-Shinobu Kikuchi
Tsugaru shamisen-Hibiki Ichikawa
Koto-Keiko Kitamura
Taiko-Keisuke Moriya and Kumiko Suzuki



We are able to provide the following...

  • Music Festivals & Concerts
  • TV, Film and Sound recordings
  • Workshops
  • Company & Corporate Events
  • Advertising & Promotional work
  • Private functions  eg. Weddings, Birthday Parties
  • Opening Ceremony

Performance Type & Time Guidelines

  • Concerts  (45-60min)
  • Performance (10-30min)
  • Opening (1-5min)
  • Workshop (Half day - Full day)

If you are interested in booking The Sounds of Japan please contact us by email.